Attractions for kids in Potsdam – visit in Biosphäre Potsdam and Volkspark Potsdam

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Potsdam with kids

Yesterday, with my daughters, I spent a great day – we went to Potsdam to visit Biosphäre Potsdam and on this occasion we also visited the Volkspark Potsdam which is situated just next to Biosphäre building.

It is a good idea to visit Volkspark before a visit to Biosphäre – children can use excess energy and have fun :).

What is Biosphäre Potsdam?

It is a tropical botanical garden – there are as many as 20,000 tropical plants – trees with a height of 14 meters, palms, mangrove swamps, a waterfall and various examples of tropical animals, such as iguanas, snakes, spiders or geckos. There is also a butterfly house, where you can observe up to 30 different butterfly species.

There are educational stations located around the garden, which encourage children to interact with it. They can touch, smell, listen – there is a lot of stimulation for kids and they are very happy visiting Biosphäre.

We also really liked the cave where we could shout and listen to our echoes :).

At the top of Biosphäre there is a restaurant and a cafe, as well as a pond with koi fish (once a day they are fed and you can come and see that event).

All descriptions are in two languages – English and German.

We liked our visit very much and even 10 months old Mira was satisfied – she liked the butterflies the most and she stared at them like charmed.

Circular path runs through the Biosphäre, and it makes visiting really easy and it is 100% adapted to strollers.

Well, now you know everything so I can show you some pictures ;):

In Biosphäre Potsdam we spent about 2 hours – we visited slowly and with many stops. The place is really well prepared for children. We were very happy with the visit.

Before our visit in Biosphäre Potsdam and also after – we visited the Volkspark Potsdam. I am deeply impressed by this park – and believe me – I’ve already been to many many parks ;).

Volkspark Potsdam with kids

There is a lot of space, wide alleys, but also beautiful and well-kept flower beds. There are playgrounds and playing fields, skatepark and small architecture objects.

We first went to the water playground and it was a AMAZING. And it’s really worth taking a change of clothes and a towel with you, because the children will get wet for sure.

This water playground, it is a shallow pond with a raft in the middle (the biggest hit, children did not go out and had the best fun there), there are rushes, two deck chairs, a bridge, also stones on which you can jump. Right next to it is also a nice wooden playground and fish-fountains activated by a button. Roma did not want to go from there, she was delighted and had a great time. Besides, who would not?

You can barely see this raft, but there were so many children on it and I did not want to take pictures of them.

After visiting Biosphäre, we went to another part of the park (I was heading towards the Remisenpark) and there was another beautiful playground. First, we saw a tree house on the way (of course we climbed there), and then a wonderful, wild playground. Among trees and small hills, wooden, challenging playground. There is even a cave in which children can play and climb on it. Simply a dream :).

A bit further there is one more playground – ideal for little children. It is very extensive, there is a large sandpit, water and plenty of space to hide and safely go crazy.

There is a little fee to get to the park – €1.5 for an adult (kids up to 18 years old are not paying)

In Potsdam, we spent the whole day – we left the house at 10 and came back at 19:00. It was great :). It is a really good idea for a day trip.


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