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Beautiful Brandenburg – Barnim Panorama

April 26, 2020 No Comments

If you are looking for a great idea how to spend another sunny spring day, try this one: go to Wandlitz and visit the Barnim Panorama site – the Agrarmuseum Wandlitz and the visitors center ofthe Barnim Nature Park in one.

Located almost at the banks of the Wandlitz lake, the beutifully desigened Barnim Panorama complex has something to offer to both big and small visitors. It houses a museum whose varied exhibitions give insight into the history of the local nature (preserved in the Barnim Nature Park), as well as the local village and the life of its residents, governed by the rhythm of the changing seasons. Our children, however, were mostly attracted to the museum’s impressive collection of tractors.

There is just one thing they (and I!) found better and they found it outside – the „Discoverer’s Path”! It is every kid’s true paradise, with tunnels of branches, an observation station to watch frogs and – at the very end of it – an absolutely perfect tree house for kids to play in. Ours disappeared inside immediatly: they climbed the house’s walls, played hide and seek, ocassionally rested. This house is so stunningly beautiful that watching them play I could not help feeling a bit jealous – why didn’t I have a chance to play in a house like this when I was little?

Here you’ll find the plan of the Path:

The Barnim Nature Park has much more to offer, so don’t go back home too early. 

We went for the Liepnitz Lake. Why not the nearby Wandlitz? Unfortunately there is no public access to it, because of the private properties all around. But the Liepnitz Lake is really not far away (we got there in less then 10 minutes) and there is a big car park, soit’s easy to find a free space to leave the car. The lake itself is beautiful and a home for three different species of ducks! There is a small isle in the middle of the lake. In season (which starts in April) you can get there by ferry. The path around the lake is very pleasant and accessible for strollers,as its muddier parts are laid with wooden boardwalks.   

This walk in the wood was so relaxing and birds gave us such a wonderful concert that we got back home happy and full of positive energy.

I strongly recommend you taking this trip – this area is well worth it!

Let me conclude with a few practicaltips:

How to get to Barnim Panorama?

We got there by car and it took us 40 minutes (we started in the north of Berlin).

A public transport option is also possible– you can check the details here.

How much is admission to BarnimPanorama?

Adults: 6 EUR

Kids: 2,5 EUR

Kids up to 6: free

There is also a family option for 2adults and kids for 14 EUR.

There is a small cafe in the museum but it only offers drinks and cake, so better be prepared and take some food with you – you can have a picnic at the tables outside. Just opposite the Barnim Panorama there is a restaurant, which also sells ice creams.

I really recommend visiting this place! It’s a wonderfully relaxing experience for the whole family!

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