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Best playgrounds in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)

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Best playground in Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

I wanted to write this post for such a long time!
And I don’t really know why I am doing it only now.
However, now, because of Corona I don’t work, so I have some free time and decided to finally write this :).

Prenzlauer Berg district

Prenzlauer Berg is a district of Berlin in the north of the city. It is really green here and everyone says that it is the most child friendly district in Berlin.

There are a lot of playgrounds here, although in my opinion the most spectacular playgrounds are located in other districts ;).

Today I will describe my favorites. They will be big and small, a little bit hidden, mainly wooden, which I like very much here in playgrounds. Some of them are for small children, some, more demanding, for older ones.
There are also water playgrounds and this is the best fun for kids.

If I skipped some of your favourites, please add in the commentary! I love discovering unknown places!

Playgrounds in Berlin – map

And here’s the map where all these playgrounds are located:

Top playgrounds in Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

  1. Playground ‘Spielplatz ‘Kranich’, Lychener Str. 69, 10437 Berlin
    A small playground, a little hidden, is located between tenement houses.
    It is intimate but well thought-out and small children have a lot of fun on it. For older children it can be a bit boring.

2. Playground behind ‘Kita Kritzelknirpse’ Lychener Str. 55, 10437 Berlin

This playground is also hidden, this time behind the nursery school building. It’s not easy to get here by accident. It is also small and ideal for smaller children.
It is very green and so designed that children have lots of bushes to hide. It is so much wilder.

3. Playground ‘Hirschhof Spielplatz’, Oderberger Str. 19, 10435 Berlin

This is one of my favorite playgrounds. Ideal for older kids testing their fitness skills, but also great for toddlers.
Beautiful, wooden, with animal figures. In the summer, there is also water.
This playground is also hidden and cut off from the city noise. There is the Nachbarschaftshaus, where you can take part in various workshops but also hire it for e.g. a birthday party for your child.
Great playground, I really recommend :).
More information can be found at this link.

4. Monkey playground ‘Affen Spielplatz’, Kopenhagener Str. 11, 10437 Berlin

Another great playground, or basically two, because there is a second part of this playground on the other side of the street, and it is specially dedicated for little kids.
The playground for older children is designed in such a way that children have a lot of physical challenges – my daughter loves to go there and although the playground is not so big, she always finds some activity there for herself.
During the summer kids can play with water and this is the best attraction for children.

5. Playground on Humannplatz

Our first apartment in Berlin was just outside Humannplatz and we spent many, many hours on the playground there.
On this playground the older children will have the most fun because there are climbing and fitness equipment prepared for them :).
But of course the youngest will also find something for themselves.
Also here in summer, water is released and a large part of the playground turns into a muddy village and you can see wet toddlers running in diapers everywhere :).
The only downside is that despite its large size, this playground is always very crowded because it is located right next to schools and several kindergartens.

6. Playground near Mauer Park, ‘Regenbogen Spielplatz’, Schwedter Str. 82, 10437 Berlin

If you want to visit Mauerpark with your children, you will definitely visit this playground too.
In the shape of a rainbow, overlooking the TV Tower, it is a joyful element of this probably the most famous park in Berlin :). In summer, parents grill around the playground (although it’s officially not allowed to grill in Mauerpark) and children enjoy playing on it :).

7. Viking Spielplatz, Norwegerstraße 1, 10439 Berlin

A relatively new playground maintained in the Viking theme.
A bit wild, allowing children to have fun in nature. Suitable for older and younger children – every child will have fun there.
And very close is my favorite Cafe Kraft, I highly recommend, the coffee is very good and the baked goods available there are delicious.

8. Playground am Wasserturm

A magnificent playground among the trees, in the shade.
It is great for older and younger children, has a lot of nooks and crannies where children can hide :). There is a slide, wooden house, swings, construction for climbing.
The surrounding area is also very nice: right next door there is a nice library with a large children’s department. There are ice-cream parlours and other playgrounds (on Kollwitzplatz, on Rykerstr.).

9. Erich Weinert Park Playground

A brand new, recently opened playground. Large space, nice for small, older kids and adults because there are also ping-pong tables and a wide picnic lawn.
A really cool playground and there is a zip line! It always makes playgrounds very attractive :).

10. Playground in Volkspark Anton Saefkow

A playground in a very pleasant and seems to me, not known park. This park has recently been revitalized. A great place for a picnic and a nice afternoon.

11. Playground on the Lewaldplatz

We rarely visit this playground, but always when we are on it, I think it’s coolly designed and well made. It is small but ingenious and the children always find something for themselves.
And this is the only playground in the area where you will find such wooden fitness platforms, which children like very much and use in many different ways :).

12. Playground on Helmholtzplatz

Another super playground designed to develop children’s mobility in the best possible way.
There are elements for climbing, walls for maintaining balance, bushes between which paths are laid, and also water in summer.
In addition, the area is great and if you want to have a coffee, take a look at Goldhahn und Sampson (and taste the Rosinenschnecke available there).
And if you’re hungry, make sure to check out Yummy Mummy – it’s sooo worth it! Delicious and healthy vegan food.

13. Playground am Planetarium, located just behind the Zeiss-Großplanetarium.

This playground is very original: dragons, snakes and other creatures decorated with a beautiful mosaic. The playground is small but unusual and I thought it is worth to be on this list :).
Located right next to the Planetarium (which I also recommend – they have really great offer for children and adults.)

14. Playground Pappelallee 76, 10437 Berlin

Nice playground for older children, but there are also some attractions for smaller kids. Climbing wall, high slide and a lot of space :).

15. Circus Playground, Rykestraße 21, 10405 Berlin

Great circus playground. In my opinion, definitely designed for older, fit children.
There is even a mini scene for the first circus performances :).

16. Leise Park Playground (Silence Park), Heinrich-Roller-Straße 24, 10405 Berlin

Weird park name, right? We will be a little less surprised when we find out that this park is located in a cemetery (but in the part of it, where there are relatively few tombstones).
There is no playground here in the classic sense of these words, but there are small surprises for children scattered all over the area – here are big stones, there a place to train balancing skills.
There is even a tower to climb and also hammocks or wooden platforms. But still, the greatest fun is for children climbing trees and wandering around in bushy tunnels :). I highly recommend this park :).

And how do you like this post? I like it very much ;)) and I hope it will be useful for you! :). Of course, these are not all playgrounds in the Prenzlauer Berg district. These are the playgrounds that we visit most often and that we really like.

And if you still don’t have enough playgrounds in Berlin, you will find older post here.

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