Brandenburg Heathland – a trip from Berlin

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As I have written many times before – I love exploring Brandenburg (a land around Berlin). I think that the number of attractions is huge there and nature is beautiful.

For some time now I have been thinking about visiting the heathland. Now is the perfect time to admire the heather and I did not want to miss it this year.

After a little search, I found heathland in Brandenburg – it is located in the Naturpark Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft.

On the weekend I went there on a trip and here are all the details:

How to get to Naturpark Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft

I was going by train – from Berlin. It took me about 2 hours to get there.

One way I got off at Doberlug-Kirchhain station, and the other way back I got on the station in Elsterwerda. We cycled the route between these stations.

I was riding with two bicycles, a trailer and two children.

We used the Berlin-Brandenburg ticket for 33€ – it entitles us to unlimited travel for 5 people throughout the day, in Berlin and Brandenburg. In addition, you need to buy a bicycle ticket – it can be an all-day ticket for 6€ or a one-way ticket for 3.5€.

We went one way on the regional train with a large bicycle compartment, I got in without any problem with a bicycle with a trailer attached. However, when we were coming back, the bicycle compartment was not so big and I had problems with maneuvering. But with the help of fellow travelers I also got inside with a bike with a trailer :).

Heathland in Brandenburg – our itinerary

We got off at Doberlug-Kirchhain for a reason – there are two child-friendly attractions in this little town. The first one is a Renaissance castle with a nice exhibition (or even two exhibitions), and the second one is a new playground right next to the castle – I wanted to have some movements for the girls after the train trip.

Doberlug-Kirchhain – playground and castle

So first we went to the playground, which is small but really well designed.
It refers to nature – there are animals, educational points, there is a super Kugelbahn (you can rent balls in the castle) – and a lot of fitness challenges.
What else is striking is the attention to detail – this playground is really beautiful.

After the playground we went to the castle. Tickets for the exhibition cost €6 for adults and €3 for children (from school age). There are two exhibitions – one about the castle, its history and inhabitants and the other about the landscape park. Both very interesting and suitable also for children.

I especially liked the exhibition about nature ‘ErlebnisREICH Naturpark’. The form of this exhibition is such a huge wooden block in which various drawers and windows are hidden – and there is information given in various forms – interesting for children to discover. The design of the exhibition itself won the German Design Award 2019.


After visiting these two exhibitions, we got on our bikes and went to Friedersdorf. From there, the route (walking and cycling) to the heathland starts.
To get there from Doberlug-Kirchhein we rode mainly on roads but with so little traffic that even I was not stressed out.

In Friedersdorf, you need to turn next to the fire station to get to the forest and the heathland. After driving about 2.5 km we reached the heath. It is absolutely beautiful there – I liked it very much.
We had a picnic and spent over an hour there (it is worth to take the food with you because there was not a single store on the way).

From there we went on bikes to Elsterwerda. This time almost all the time (90%) on bicycle paths without car traffic.

We arrived tired but happy and we liked this trip very much :).

And you have your favorite trips in Brandenburg?


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