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Cycling in Brandenburg – Panoramaweg Werderobst

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Cycling in Brandenburg

For some time now, I have been discovering more and more my passion for cycling. It started a year ago, when my sister and my daughter and I drove over 70km from Gdynia to Hel (that was in Poland). It felt sooo good – the wind in my hair and freedom in my heart.

Then I had a cycling break but now we got on our bikes again and we go on longer and shorter trips.
I really like cycling in Brandenburg as cycling routes are really well prepared and a choice of trails is huge!

Our children like to ride bicycles very much and we manage to do 30-36km a day with them. You know, sometimes they complain, and they are ALWAYS hungry 😉 but at the end of the trip they are also always happy :).

Today I’d like to describe to you our last tour: Panoramaweg Werderobst.

The whole route is 22 km long, starts in Werder (close to Potsdam) and ends in Groß Kreutz (Havel).

You can find more details about this route here.

We started in Petzow in the parking lot and ended at Lilienthal-Denkmal. We went back on a different route, but you can either go back the same way or end at the train station in Groß Kreutz and go home from there by train.

description of the Panoramaweg Werderobst biking route:

The route is well prepared and marked with this sign:

Panoramaweg Werderobst

It’s very nice to drive this route. You will ride your bicycle on asphalt all the time. There are a few hills you have to go up, but it only adds to the charm of this route because later it is great to go down :).
The route runs among orchards, meadows and fields and it is very soothing view. We were a bit late for the fruit trees to bloom, but it was still very nice.

Contrary to our fears, there were not many other cyclists and it was really pleasant to ride.

On your way, you definitely need to try the delicious ice cream in Derwitz. I took an iced coffee and it was very tasty too.

We finished the Panoramaweg Werderobst bicycle route at Lilienthal-Denkmal – the place where Otto Lilienthal’s first flight took place – he was German constructor and pilot of the first gliders. It is very pleasant there and the monument designed by Wilfried Statt is really impressive.

From there we came back a completely different road which was combining several bicycle routes.
It was also very pleasant (although initially there was a lot of sand and we had to walk with our bikes) and on this route you must have a map because it is easy to get lost.
If you are curious how we came back, our return route looked more or less like this:

I liked the Panoramaweg Werderobst cycling route a lot. Next year we must necessarily ride it during the flowering of the trees. I also think that in Autumn it must be great there :).

Greetings and I wish you successful bicycle tours!

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