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We have been exploring Brandenburg by bike for some time now, so it is time to discover the bicycle pride of the region: Fläming-Skate.

Fläming-Skate what is this?

Fläming-Skate is a network of 230km of cycling roads, located in the Fläming region, one hour by train from the centre of Berlin.

There are as many as 8 round-routes with different lengths and levels of advancement available to visitors. All available routes can be found here.

Fläming Skate – RK5

We chose the RK5 route during our visit. You can find the description of the route and the map here, and I will describe our experience below :).

Fläming Skate – RK5 – route description

We started and ended our tour in Luckenwalde.
We got there by car (although we were considering taking the train, because there is a great connection from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to Luckenwalde in 1h), we parked the car for the whole weekend in the car park at Tierpark Luckenwalde – right next to it goes cycle path. It was very convenient to park there.

During our trip we also visited the old town in Luckenwalde – it is very pleasant there: benches, fountains, gazons with flowers and a beautiful church nearby.

Let’s go now to our cycling trip:

We rode with 3 children (as always ;): Mira 2 years old in a trailer, Roma 6 years old and Marcel 9 years old on their bikes.
We divided our route into two parts and spent the night on the route.

RK5 – Fläming-Skate – day I

On the first day, we cycled the Luckenwalde-Petkus route, 23km.
We liked this part very much. I think this is the perfect route to go for rides with the kids. It goes only on a bicycle road all the time without any car traffic. It’s very safe, the road is wide. Super smooth asphalt, there weren’t a lot of people.
Soothing landscapes – you drive in the forest, through villages, among meadows. Some km also along the road next to the forest. There is one longer but very gentle uphill stretch (just before Petkus).

Overnight at Gutshaus Petkus

We stayed for the night in Gutshaus Petkus, which is located right by the bicycle route.
This is a typical Bett&Bike facility – there is space in the basement for bikes and trailers, there is a restaurant where you can eat and comfortable beds necessary to regenerate before the next kilometers on the bike :).
What is certainly a huge plus in Gutshaus Petkus is a large playground for children, situated just in front of the building. Ours had a lot of fun there. There’s also a ping-pong table and a trambambula in the basement.

RK5 – Fläming-Skate – day II

On the second day, right after breakfast, we continued cycling. And I have to write here that I liked the Petkus-Lucenwalde part even more.
It was more varied – a lot of downhill runs, but few uphill stretches added to the taste of our ride.
As on the previous day, we only drove on a wide bicycle road excluded from car traffic.
We drove through the forest, among fields and meadows.
Cyclists and roller-skaters passed by on the way smiled at us and nodded heads in a friendly manner.
We also had a small problem – Roma rode over acacia thorn and got a flat tire. And we had everything to fix it except the pump. Fortunately, however, the first stopped cyclist was happy to rescue us and lent his equipment.

Fläming Skate – additional information

The Fläming Skate is a place for everyone, ideal for family trips.
The routes are well prepared, wide and riding them is pure pleasure.
On the routes there are resting places for cyclists.
There are maps at intersections, but the routes are well signposted and difficult to get lost.
There was no shop on our route, so it is worth to buy all what you need before.
We saw a few bars and restaurants.

We highly recommend the Fläming-Skate for a bicycle tour, especially with children. I really want to go back there and drive other available routes and I hope I will manage it soon :).

And if you are looking for more bike inspiration in Brandenburg, I highly recommend also this one.


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