Brandenburg attractions – Löwenzahnpfad in Mühlenbeck

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When I think of Berlin and I am happy that we live here, I am always very happy about Berlin location – in the middle of Brandenburg.
Thanks to that, in a very short time we have access to so many hiking, cycling and water routes and so many other attractions that we really don’t have to go anywhere else :).

Spring comes and with it, our further exploration of Brandenburg attractions.

In the current situation (Corona time) we choose, of course, deserted places, but it is not difficult in Brandenburg – there are so many forests and green areas here, that certainly everyone will find an empty place for a walk for themselves.

Our last discovery is this short but very pleasant walk in Barnim:

BRANDENBURG ATTRACTIONS –The Löwenzahnpfad trail in Mühlenbeck

You can find more information here:

How to get there?

We drove by car and from the north of Berlin we were there in 25 minutes.
You have to write in gps: Schönerlinder Teiche, there is a parking lot right next to this path.

You can also take the S8 s-Bahn and get off at Mühlenbeck Station and walk 15 minutes to the beginning of this path.

Description of the Löwenzahnpfad:

This is a circular trail, about 3.5 km long. It is very easy and pleasant.
It can be difficult to carry a trolley because the trail is very narrow in places, but is generally ideal for children.

On the our way we passed horses and water bulls. There were also wetlands and marshes. Information boards and benches were prepared for visitors and there is also an observation tower. I really did like this path very much and I can only recommend it further!
Children were also very satisfied :).

More inspiration for Brandenburg attractions can be found here

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