Karower Teiche

Nature in Berlin – Karower Teiche

June 1, 2020 No Comments


As I have already written several times, Berlin is full of beautiful places where you can have a nice time. We love to discover and visit these places and for every such visit I am very happy that we live here.
Recently we visited another such place, namely Karower Teiche – a protected area where various species of birds and insects live.

Karower Teiche is located in the north of Berlin.
There are viewing platforms from which you can observe birds, ponds, hiking and cycling paths.
There are meadows, grazing buffaloes.
Fallen trees encourage climbing, and children willingly continue the construction of the huts started by their predecessors.
Our children especially liked playing in the Panka river – they had a great time for over an hour.

In Karower Teiche it is beautiful – idyllic, peaceful.
It is a great place for a weekend walk or a bicycle trip.

Another place that I highly recommend :).

And if you are looking for additional inspiration, you will find it here.

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