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Nature in Berlin – walk along Tegeler Fließ

May 25, 2020 No Comments

What to do in Berlin in your free time?

I love nature and together with my husband and children we try to be outdoor as often as possible.
In Berlin I keep discovering new places and ways to spend my free time.
I would like to write you today about my latest discovery :).

Nature in Berlin – A walk along the Tegel River

I once read about this route on the BVG website (here) and planned to go through it for some time and I’m very happy that it finally worked out 🙂.

Practical information – a walk along the Tegel River

Start: Station S Tegel
End: Alt-Lübars, bus station 222
Length of route: 8.3 km
A map:


The route is very easy and pleasant, people of all levels of fitness will make it without any problems.
The route is completely accessible with a pram (we walked with a pram with our daughter).
It runs along the river, meadows, through the forest.
While walking, you can observe grazing buffaloes. There are also information boards about animals living in the area.
On the way there are benches, you can have a picnic.
Sometimes you go through wooden platforms and it is a nice addition to the route.
The route is really very nice and pleasant.
I liked the final part of the route the most when we walked through the beautiful Alt-Lübars meadows.
The marsh marigolds were in bloom and it was really charming.

I really recommend this route, and if you are looking for other inspirations how to spend free time in nature, you might enjoy this walk – Löwenzahnpfad and its description here.

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