Brandenburg attractions – Spreewald with kids

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Brandenburg attractions – Spreewald

These are difficult times for travellers!
The coronavirus is attacking and all travels, bigger and smaller, are stopped.

Our last trip before home quarantine was to the beautiful Spreewald. We have been here before, but never for the night, and besides, one visit is definitely not enough!

The Spreewald is a unique example of a lowland river and valley landscape. It was created during the last glaciation, which ravaged the rivers of the Spree into many small currents and streams. Between the numerous river branches there are cultivated fields. Some places can only be reached by boat.
In 1991, the Spree was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

There is no shortage of attractions in Spreewald: numerous hiking, biking and waterways make sure you will not be bored!

Children have not been forgotten either, and besides, it is known where children feel best – in nature, and this one is not missing in Spreewald :).

From Berlin, both by car and by train, you drive a little over an hour.

Now some information:

Attractions and accommodation in Spreewald

Spreewald with Kids – where to sleep?

We slept in a fantastic place: SpreewaldInsel in Leipe.
I am delighted because this place is really special. Beautiful holiday homes, worked out in every detail, are located above the Spreewald branch.

Absolutely everything is thought of and resting there is very comfortable.
There is also a little water playground prepared for children. My children sat by the river, filled watering cans and buckets with water and had the best fun. It is necessary to take the wellingtons with you – they will certainly be useful :).

There is also a sauna and you can rent kayaks. In the area there are hiking and biking trails. It is beautiful and so idyllic!

Spreewald with Kids – attractions

This time, we went to Spreewald before the start of the season and therefore many attractions were still closed. But we will come back for sure this season and then we will catch up :). Now I will describe to you the places we visited and those we would like to visit :). Or maybe you also have your favorite places? All hints are welcome!

City of Lübben and Schlossinsel

We have already been to Schlossinsel and the water playground (Wasserspielplatz)before and I can write that this is the ideal place for trips with children. The Palace Island (Schlossinsel) is ideal for walks, picnics and nice afternoons. 3 playgrounds, a labyrinth, a stone playground and a great water playground (I don’t know any better) – make every child delighted!
In any case – our kids were amazed and they wanted to come back the next day🙂.

Schloss Lübben – this time it was locked up, but next time we’ll definitely visit it.
I liked the square in front of the palace very much, see for yourself here:


City of Lübbenau

A very pleasant town where there is also a beautiful palace and park belonging to it. A very pleasant old town encourages walking and sightseeing.

And right next to the road to the old town, there is a phenomenal playground. In its form it is referring to Spreewald culture. I love such a treat and I think it is a great way to make children interested in the place they visit. On this playground you will find, for example: spreewald cucumber booths and a climbing wall in the shape of a traditional hay drying device. There’s also a stork :). Someone did a great job!

Spreewald with kids -Additional attractions

This time we managed to visit only the above places, but for the next visit I already have a list of other attractions, which you will find below:

  • here are really nice footpaths: link
  • interesting museum in Lübbenau: Spreewald Museum
  • The open-air museum, the story seems to be a phenomenal place: Freilandmuseum Lehde
  • Centre for Nature Education: Haus für Mensch und Natur
  • I definitely want to take a boat ride through the intricate network of Spree’s streams – you can find information about it here
  • eat cucumbers in various interesting flavours 🙂

And as for accommodation, I’d also like to stay here: Schloss Beuchow

Finally, I leave you a link to a YouTube video where you can see the Spreewald in a nutshell: here

And if you need inspiration for your next trip to Brandenburg, you will find a lot of posts on my blog under this link.

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