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The best playgrounds in Berlin – part I

April 23, 2020 No Comments

The best playgrounds in Berlin

I love playgrounds, and especially playgrounds in Berlin are amazing – I’m still looking for new ones and I love to explore them.

My friends laugh at me that I travel to Spandau or Reinickendorf in search of new places (and this is really far away from me) – but it’s true. Sometimes I just get on the s-Bahn and travel an hour to visit a new playground.

Do not be afraid though – in today’s post the playgrounds are located quite centrally ;).

My today playground tour was inspired by the new book about Berlin’s best playgrounds – Spielplatzguide Berlin.

I highly recommend this book to every mother and every dad. This book is great! First of all, it is beautifully printed, on wonderful paper, and the photos are of a great quality – it is a pleasure to just browse it. But what I like the most in this book, is a map. Next to every described playground you have a map where you can see other great playgrounds which are also in the neighborhood . This is really great because you can plan (like me today) a whole day outside! A nice walk around playgrounds.

In addition, the book also contains addresses of various other cool places: children’s farms, adventure playgrounds (Abenteuerspielplatz) or water playgrounds. Also you can find there addresses for best ice creams!

The book is in German, but in my opinion, even if you do not fluently speak this language, it does not matter – maps, photos, addresses – all this is understandable :).

I think it is really worth having this book in your home library!

Today, I was inspired by the description of the Robin Hood playground, which is located in the Schöneberg district. I looked at the map to see what else can be interesting in the area and so I visited 4 playgrounds 🙂

Here they are (and in this order it is and idea for a nice walk):

Playground „Riesen-Kletterspinne” (Großgörschenstraße 29, 10829 Berlin) – a playground for fit, older children (and parents with strong nerves;)) – a huge climbing net, soft ground, good fun!

Playground „Robin Hood” (Geßlerstraße 13, 10829 Berlin) – what can I write – it will be from now on, probably my favorite playground. It is great – perfectly integrated into the growing old trees, stimulates the imagination and encourages to play. Chambers, rooms, little bridges – masterpiece. Plus this attention to detail! A cat on the roof, a pig on a grill or chickens – great! Anyway, see it for yourself!

Playground „White” (Bautzener Str., 10829 Berlin) – another very original playground. Quite demanding – the main attractions are for children rather 5+ (but there is also sand and a little zone for toddlers). Rope ladders, climbing ropes, narrow bridge, steep slide. Big „wooden forest” for climbing – it’s impossible to get bored on this playground. Additionally, it is located in a great place, green, no cars, flowers everywhere!

Playground „Red” (Am Lokdepot 5, 10965 Berlin). How beautiful is this playground ! All red, made of steel, wonderful designed – it blends in so well with the surroundings.

When it comes to attractions, the main ones are also intended for older children, but the little ones were also thought of, so you will not be bored with them.

The whole „thing” to play is very agile and encourages children to train new skills. And at the end there is a prize – a high and fast slide (it is really fast which may surprise at the beginning, so beware!).

This playground, took my ambitious five-year the longest and she liked it the most. I could not get her out of it;).

This is my proposal, which can be great for a family Weekend or if you want to take guests with children for a walk in Berlin. On Saturdays, next to the 1st playground, there is a big open air market. It’s loud and happy, fruits and herbs smell beautifully – really a great experience.

And if 4 playgrounds are still not enough for you – you can carry on ;).

From the last playground, you can continue and walk to the Park am Gleisdreieck (which is my favorite park in whole Berlin). This park is always bustling, music is playing, lots of people, picnics – a wonderful Berlin atmosphere in a nutshell. In this park are another great playgrounds (but this is the topic for the next post), places to eat, ice cream, really, all what you want :). This park is also described in the „Spielplatzguide Berlin”.

Best wishes and have wonderful walks!

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