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Walk in Berlin – the Avenue of Cherry Trees

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Idea for a walk in Berlin – the Avenue of Cherry Trees

(this blog post was originally published on 18.04.2019 on my other blog)
Good morning! Bank holidays are coming, if you stay for Easter in Berlin, I have a great idea for a walk for you.

This idea will only be valid for the next 5 days but why? I invite you to continue reading 😉:

Berlin spring is beautiful! Whole streets are planted with fruit trees that bloom at the same time and look phenomenal. And then, when they lose their petals, the streets look like covered by the snow.

I really like this spring time in Berlin. And there is a place that I always visit at this time – the Avenue of Cherry Trees. Because who said that it’s possible to see Sakura only in Japan?

These trees were donated by the Japanese to the Berliners after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is so beautiful that where the wall stood and divided people, you can now admire the beautiful flowers. I think it was a really beautiful gesture!

And how to get there exactly?

With a Tram 50 or M13, you can also come by S-bahn, but it’s best to enter this address in Google Maps:

Kirschblütenweg, Norwegerstraße, 10439 Berlin and you will know everything :).

I was there today, the trees have just started to bloom, I think that the peak will be reached in about 2-3 days, but it is already beautiful, see it for yourself:

And if you do not want to come back home yet, I have two ideas for continuing the walk:

If you go straight along this alley (towards the TV Tower visible in the distance), you will come to a very nice, more „wild” playground (called Spielplatz an der Norwegerstraße) and it is good for both little and bigger kids. There are plenty of plants, my children love to chase each other and play hide and seek there.

And then, when you turn left outside the playground, and walk about 200 m you will find:

Cafe Kraft – one of my favorite cafes – delicious coffee, cakes and they also have a lunch offer, I love going there.

And then, if you still feel like it, you can go right to the bridge and you will get to the Moritzhof children’s farm(there are animals and plants, children after 6 years old can stay there alone with pedagogical staff and participate in farm activities such as: care of animals or working in the garden – there is a schedule for everything). Then you Can go further down to the Mauerpark.

As you can see „only sky is the limit”;)))

Best wishes and I wish you a peaceful Easter!

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