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Where to sleep in brandenburg – GUT Boltenhof

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Beautiful Brandenburg – Gut Boltenhof – amazing restaurant and countryside hotel

I have to admit that I haven’t often spent more than one day anywhere in Brandenburgia (or Germany for that matter) – I usually make just one day trips and haven’t stayed anywhere overnight. This is mainly because until recently I didn’t know many interesting places where I’d like to stay longer.

But since this year my goal is to learn more about Brandenburg, I decided to check what this region has to offer in terms of accommodation. What have I learned? The offer is AMAZING.

I’m amazed by the beauty of some of these places and my list of great rural tourism places to stay at is really long :).

This weekend we visited one of these places. It’s called Gut Boltenhof and it’s only about 90km away from Berlin. It took us a little more than an hour to get there by car. Now, prepare for more ohs and ahs, as Gut Boltenhof is really perfect! In all respects: the food, the place, the child-friendliness, the accommodation standard, and the area itself! It would be difficult to find any fault!

Now, let me describe it all for you :):

1. The food in gut boltenhof

Gut Boltenhof has its own restaurant and you don’t have to be one of the staying-overnight visitors to come and eat here. So don’t hesitate if you have a chance, as it’s really worth it: the food is local, seasonal and delicious – this is what really singles this place out. If you are not very hungry, you can just have a coffee and tasty homemade cake. Those who do sleep at Gut Boltenhof have a chance to eat wonderful buffet breakfast. You pay extra for it but it’s more than worth it. All the products are very tasty and of the highest quality. You just can’t resist. I grow hungry even from thinking about it :).

2. Accommodation gut boltenhof

Holiday flats are located in old cottages, which are beautifully renovated and comfortably furnished. Each of the flats has a well-equipped kitchen, so you can also cook for yourself if you feel like it. There is a TV but no wi-fi (this can only be found in the main building, where the restaurant is), which for me was actually a good rehab :). There is a kid corner, some toys, jigsaw puzzles and books. Beds are really comfortable and the views from the windows just enchanting. This is really the kind of surrounding in which you can rest and we certainly did :).

3. The Gut Boltenhof area

Gut Boltenhof is a beautiful, well-restored farm. The main building houses the aforementioned restaurant and a reception. Next to it, there is a garden with tables, at which you can sit to eat your breakfast or other meals from the restaurant. A lovely path running nearby is great for relaxing strolls among old trees. It’s really beautiful and neat.

Now, lets move to the point the kids loved best: household animals!

There are sheep, ponies, goats, geese, ducks, hares and different kinds of pigs. Kids can approach these animals any time, give them grass or hay, and additionally, everyday at 8 and 17 they can assist at the feeding of all animals; the farm workers not only don’t mind – they encourage children to come and help!

My son didn’t want to take part in the feeding but was so fascinated by the pigs that he almost never left the pigsty – just sat there and watched them :).

My daughter on the other hand carried a basket full of grass almost everywhere and offered the treats to selected animals.

Finally, our youngest one was so interested and delighted to be able to observe the animals that we – on our part – couldn’t take our eyes off her. :). She showed her interest in every way available to an 11 months old child.

At Gut Boltenhof there is also a small playground, a hammock, a fireplace and a meadow to lie down on. In front of every cottage there is a table with some chairs. Everything in this place invites you to slow down and relax.

3. The Gut Boltenhof surroundings

If you don’t have enough attractions inside of Gut Boltenhof, go outside – you won’t be disappointed. There are bike lanes and jogging routes that start right next to the farm. The distance to the nearest lake – Haussee – is just 4 km (we went there: it is a bit wild and overgrown; there is no beach, but a nice shoreline deck leads to the water – unfortunately I can’t show you any photos because I had no camera with me during this walk); the lake might be a bit difficult to reach by any sort of vehicle, because only a dirt road leads there, but 4 km is not too much for a walk :). Speaking of walks – these woods are really beautiful and there are all sorts of opportunities to actively spend your time so just go and use them.

On our way to Berlin we stopped in Lychen (I’d read about this place once and really wanted to see it for myself). Once we got there, I suddenly felt like canoeing! This little town is located among woods, lakes and rivers, so no wonder it’s been turned into a water sports resort. There is a wonderful easy water route and a lot of places where you can rent equipment and canoe on the nearby reservoirs or just along the route :). The routes are adjusted to holiday-makers with all sorts of canoeing skills, so everyone will find something suitable :).

I really hope to come back to Gut Boltenhof one day, as one weekend is definitely not enough to enjoy its all charms :).

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